Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Do you know what this symbol means?

Many cosmetic products have this cute little image on the bottle but do you know what it means?

It tells you how long the item is good after it has been opened.  The item pictured above has a 12 month period in which it is said to be the best.  Products can range anywhere from 3-18 months.

So what happens after the open period expires?  The components in the products have started to degrade and their effectiveness is lessened.  You could still use the products but they wouldn't work as well as they did when they were first opened.

The time period of a product is based on a product in optimal conditions.  Temperature is a sure killer when it comes to products.  Too hot breaks down the components fast.  Too cold (like freezing) destroys the consistency and causes the components to separate.  Either way, you're not getting the full value of your purchase when your product is destroyed by temperature.